Discover the Essential “Know-How” on Feeding Your Puppy

Your veterinarian’s office is also an important area to see. Puppy’s early experiences there are encompassed by vaccinations (ouch!) So counter-balance that with positive experiences! Stop in a couple of times and let puppy hang out from the counter for a couple of minutes. Feed him plenty of snacks and let him get loved by the Available puppies and waiting customers. Now that is a positive experience!

Banks may also be an excellent training ground for socializing a puppy. Many will allow you to carry your pup in and might even offer him a biscuit. Your lender does not welcome puppies? Take your puppy during the drive-through so he could have that expertise as well! Talking of drive-through’s, these may be particularly traumatizing for a dog who is never seen one before.

People parks (not dog parks) are an superb place for socialization. As long as dogs are permitted on leash, take puppy and let him watch the walkers, joggers, bikers and wild life that abounds. Another advantage to parks is the vulnerability to multiple floors surfaces. A typical park provides concrete, grass, gravel, wood and pine straw. Parks such as Shelley Lake in Raleigh provide all of this plus wood-plank bridges, a playground where puppy can meet some children and obviously, the lake. This is a socialization extravaganza!

Make play dates for your puppy where he could socialize one-on-one using a safe and friendly puppy. Your pet should meet and greet numerous puppies in his critical socialization period (30-50 is not unreasonable). Playing with the same dog repeatedly, will not give puppy the social skills or confidence he needs.

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