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This edition of Women Just want Fun is all but a completely new song on your own. It’s played piano, therefore isn’t only what we might predict an unplugged acoustic gudang lagu. But, hearing additional devices carrying out a take of this song will give you with many thoughts to interpret to your very own classical guitar agreements.

Matters to notice

The best way to concentrate on with this specific edition of Ladies Just want Fun, will be the chords. There’s a lot you’ll learn here.

The secret has shifted from F# from the initial, to B. The simple fact that this song is played in a much slower pace allows space for those chords to become arpeggiated and adorned providing a completely new texture to the song.

Should you listen attentively, you’ll even notice that there are a few chords which were substituted for the reason which do not can be found from the very first. By way of instance, listen to the slash chord at the debut and poetry.

To genuinely consume, learn, and apply what’s occuring with this specific edition of Ladies only want to Have Fun, transcribe the chords out of the initial in addition to this particular arrangement. Put them inside precisely the exact same key, suppose B, and then compare them to one another to observe what was shifted. Simply take then that which you find, and then apply it on your unplugged acoustic music and agreements.

If you’re wishing to generate really a unique acoustic edition, make one out of the song that we least expect. Case there is this trendy and one of a kind variant of Hey Ya from Obadiah Parker.

Matters to notice

Groove and texture:

This acoustic guitar arrangement of Ya is nearly a completely new song on the planet. It’s a totally different texture, groove, and speed. Shifting the components of a song, when done well, is going to cause a trendy and one of a kind version in contrast to the initial.

Key shift:

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