Health IT – Best Practices for PHI Data Security and Choosing the Ideal Cloud Computing Provider

In recent months, cloud computing is a subject that’s gaining plenty of attention particularly when employing the technologies in health care. Cloud computing is getting more appealing to health organizations predominately as a result of advantages that the technology provides such as decreased business IT infrastructure and electricity consumption costs, scalability, flexibility, and availability. More info

At precisely the exact same time, cloud computing pose considerable potential dangers for medical associations that have to protect their patients protected health information or PHI whilst complying with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. The greater variety of documented PHI breaches happening over the previous couple of years together with continuing HIPAA compliance and PHI data privacy issues, has slowed the adoption of cloud technologies in health care.

To assist medical organizations and suppliers mitigate PHI data safety dangers associated with cloud engineering, consider the next five best practices when Choosing the Ideal cloud computing supplier:

1. Understand the Significance of SSL. Secure socket layer (SSL) is a security protocol used by web servers and browsers to help users protect data during transport. SSL is the standard for creating exchanges of advice on the net. SSL provides two solutions which help resolve some cloud safety problems including SSL encryption and establishing a server and domain name. Recognizing the SSL and cloud technologies connection functions means understanding the significance of private and public important pairs in addition to confirmed identification info. SSL is a Crucial element to achieving a session at a cloud environment which protects integrity and data privacy

2. Not all SSL is made equal. The trust created involving a business along with their cloud computing supplier should extend into the cloud safety supplier. The cloud supplier’s security is just as good as the trustworthiness. Health care organizations will need to be certain that their cloud supplier employs. Along with ensuring that the SSL comes in a licensed third party, the company should require security conditions from the cloud supplier such as a certification authority which protects its international origins, a certification authority which maintains a disaster recovery backup, a chained hierarchy encouraging their SSL certificated, international roots employing brand new encryption standards, and protected hashing with the SHA-1 standard. These steps will ensure that this certificate‚Äôs material can not be corrected with.

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