The End

The End

The End of the world as I know it

After twelve years of following the same routine, this last year has been quite a lot for me. Got two new baby brothers, finished high school, passed my first real, serious, life altering exam, learned what real friendship is and the greatest of all, I found love. To be honest, I don’t feel quite ready to be an adult yet, but on Monday I’ll be applying to my university of choice, so I think it’s time.

Later is always better than never, so I’d like to share with you my prom look. I found my dress three days before the prom and it was two sizes too big, but since it was such short notice I couldn’t find someone to properly alter it (yes I had to sit up straight all night long, otherwise my teachers would’ve seen parts of me either of us wouldn’t have felt really comfortable with)(my boobs).

Everyone talks about their prom like the greatest experience in their high school years, but I have to say I was underwhelmed. For me it was just another (WAY overpriced) party, just with classmates and people I would’ve rather not have seen me drunk. Did you guys enjoy your prom as much as you’re “supposed” to?

The End

The End

The End

The End

Photos: Emil Costruț
Hair: Ioana Todoran (Boulevard Studio)

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  1. well….my prom party sucked… :)) or…almost sucked! :)) I finished the same high-school as you and had the party at Vila Tusa…the location was nice, but the company not so much! :)) you we’re pretty in that beautiful dress! And the hair, make-up and accessories were pretty as well.

  2. You look great. I wish I had something so glamorous for my prom. The first two I went to were all right, but it wasn’t a life defining moment or anything.

  3. Love the shade of the dress! Asa se intampla intotdeauna – ori e prea mare, ori e prea stramta. Ori n-ai bani sa cumperi rochia cand o gasesti, ori ai bani – dar nu gasesti nimic care sa iti placa. Da, iti impartasesc parerea: prom night looks cool just in the movies.

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